23 ½ Hour Service

For all your service needs...
Call our office at (216) 481-1400
Dial Extension 18 to reach Bruce, the heating/AC dispatcher
Dial Extension 19 to reach Paul, the plumbing dispatcher

For Emergency Service
Call our office at (216) 481-1400
Dial Extension 56 for Emergency HVAC Service
Dial Extension 55 for Emergency Plumbing Service

Leave a voicemail message on the Emergency Line with all your pertinent information (Name, Facility, Phone Number and  brief description of your problem). The technician "On Call" will return your call within one hour to access your needs and determine the appropriate response.

You may also call our Answering Service directly at 216-765-2169 and they will contact the "On Call" technician for you.

We welcome you as a valued McPhillips customer and look forward to the opportunity to meet your service needs.


Sean McPhillips

Sean McPhillips